‘Take Control of Email’

Did You Know: 85% of Business Communicators Say E-mail Overload is Having a Negative Impact on Their Productivity*?

Session Description: This workshop can be delivered as a stand-alone half-day training or as a two-part program which consists of a two-hour group training session followed by a one-hour individual consultation to understand how to implement the techniques.

Participants will gain a renewed sense of clarity, calm and control and will become more efficient, effective and productive in managing email communication.

Key Learnings:

1. Understand the current state of email communication
2. Discover the advantages and disadvantages of email communication
3. Learn to control email by setting up organizing systems
4. Establish practices for managing incoming and outgoing email
5. Put these proven techniques into practice

“The power of training an entire work group or company is that employees reinforce each other’s efficient e-mail techniques” (Excerpt taken from “Making more efficient use of e-mail, The Chronicle Herald, 2007-01-30)

*According to a survey conducted by the International Association of Business Communicators